Project Services


Kumva Consulting specialises in consultancy services for the public and non-profit sector. Consultancy can mean many things to many organisations, so we have highlighted our specialist areas below. We bring a fresh pair of eyes to any situation, as well as a wealth of professional cross-sector experience. If you would like to discuss your project, please get in contact.
Program Reviews & Evaluations

From time to time, every organisation needs a helping hand. How do you know whether your project is making an impact? How do you know whether it’s the right impact? What could be improved upon? Kumva provides both project reviews and full organisational reviews. We work with you to get the best from your time and resources.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research Design

From research design to implementation, Kumva Consulting can help you to work out exactly what it is you need to know, and the best way of getting that information. We can help with survey design, participatory and community data gathering workshops, and ethical research considerations.

Data Analysis

Do you need to make sense of your project data? Whether you’re writing a technical report or need to present your findings to the public, we can help you. Kumva can transform figures into visual data that can be understood on any level, or help to turn your qualitative data into high-impact quotes and video bytes. Whatever the results, we can help you to make sense of them in order to make informed decisions.

Policies & Procedure 

Policies and procedures form the backbone of an efficient organisation. Whether you need to develop your first set of P&Ps, or whether you wish to review your existing ones to make sure they work, we can assist. We can also help to translate into English, French or Kinyarwanda.

Report Writing 

Information can sometimes be difficult to present. We take the stress out of report writing by helping to interpret data, present information in an easily readable format and proofreading documents to make sure they make the best impression.