NGO Training

Kumva Consulting provides a range of training to meet the needs of the growing public and non-profit sectors. If you would like more information, or if you don’t see what you need, please get in contact.

Strategy Development

The key to development is to know where you’re going. This is an intensive one-day participatory workshop aimed at reviewing your organisation’s progress and developing a clear path forward. It provides an introduction to SMART planning, gap analysis, logframes and goal setting, resulting in a completed three-year draft strategy.
Fundraising Masterclass

This is run as either a one-day introduction to the Theory of Fundraising, or as a two-day fundraising strategy development workshop including Diverse Fundraising Methods. The first half provides a comprehensive introduction to sustainable fundraising, and the language of fundraising. The second explores different forms of fundraising including Statutory & Trust, Community, CrowdSourcing, Income Generation and Membership.

Social Media Management

It has never been easier for your organisation to reach out to new supporters. It has also never been easier for an organisation to destroy its reputation with one poorly worded tweet or Facebook post. With so many social media programmes available, which ones do you actually need, and how do they work? This one-day workshop explains how to develop your social media strategy.
Volunteer Management

How do you get the most out of your volunteers? This one-day workshop explores the field of recruiting and retaining good volunteers. Helping you to understand volunteer expectations, create a volunteer-friendly environment, deal with difficulties that may arise, and set high-impact volunteer roles so that your organisation goes forward with confidence.

Introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation

Organisations are often very focused on obtaining funding. But what happens once you get it? At some point you will be asked to deliver a report on the progress of your project, either for donors, or for other stakeholders such as your members or the media. This one-day workshop looks at how to collect information so that you can accurately review your impact. It covers both qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Introduction to Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise is a big word in international development at the moment, but what does it mean, and how do you start a Social Enterprise? How can it help your non-profit venture, and what do you need to consider before you establish one? This workshop helps to explain the processes behind Social Enterprise, develop your ideas, and decide whether this is right for your organisation.